Today was day #2 of Mam Family Fun Weekend. I hurt my foot last weekend so I skipped all of my runs this week, and went out today for just a short one. This left us with a ton of time this weekend to do all sorts of things. I had forgotten what Saturday’s were like when they weren’t spent running in the woods. I planned today’s activities, while Sovanna is planning tomorrow’s. One thing we both planned was brunch.

Brunch is simply one of the best concepts ever. While it’s really a combination of breakfast and lunch, this meal can go beyond pancakes and sandwiches. You can serve a roast, soup or . . . drum roll please . . . dessert. Dessert before 7pm? Yes, please. Thank you very much. Heck, you can even have vodka and champagne, mixed with juice, of course.  One meal – so many delicious possibilities.

Today’s brunch had to serve three purposes. First, it had to be delicious. Second, it had to fill us up since we’d be on the go all day. Third, it had to use up the produce I got in my CSA box this week. I had a dozen ears of corn and 6 pounds of tomatoes to use, and I was trying really hard not to simply freeze everything. Enter today’s menu.

I started things off with the best Bloody Mary I have had in a long, long time. The recipe comes from Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. I have never eaten there, but I’ve seen enough of his shows to know that this guys knows his stuff. I’ve made Bloody Mary’s before but they have always come up short. I discovered the secret, though. I will let you in on it, but you have to promise to try it. Pinky swear and everything.


You need to juice your own tomatoes. Yeah, I know it sounds like a pain, but it really isn’t. Here’s a link to tell you how to peel and seed your own tomatoes. It only takes minutes, and it allows you to get messy and take out your aggressions on some unsuspecting fruits. (Yes, tomatoes are fruits. Google it.) Save this juice and use it in Bobby’s recipe. You won’t be sorry.

We didn’t garnish these with celery or jalepenos, and we used a generic hot sauce, but we followed everything else in the recipe. (I know – Worcestershire sauce is not vegan.) Sovanna jazzed his up with some crab meat, and talked about it for the rest of the day.

We had food too. Really, we did. As I said, we had a lot of produce to use. We had to figure out how to use up the corn as well. I found this awesome recipe for corn johnnycakes. I had never heard of such a thing, but they were close enough to pancakes that I was game. You douse anything in maple syrup and I am happy as a clam. This author creates the best recipes. She has never steered me wrong. I rarely change anything, and this was no exception. I don’t use almond milk, so I used soymilk. I did everything else just like she said. They were fabulous. Sovanna was quite impressed as well. If you are gluten free, these are a tremendous alternative to regular pancakes. I really hope the batter holds up to refrigeration and yields more yummy goodness tomorrow.

Last but not least was the scramble. I am no longer a big egg fan, so I went for a tofu scramble. I made an earlier version of this recipe, but it was too tofu-y and not enough scramble-y. The author (Isa) revisited the recipe and made some adjustments. I LOVE the result. It was 100 times better than her original recipe. I used up the majority of the sweet yellow baby tomatoes I had left from the CSA, and they couldn’t have worked better. I didn’t have any of the spices except for the coriander, so I threw in some regular chili powder and some ancho chili powder.

All three of us were full when this meal was over. I considered it to be a great success. I need to make it all again; it was that good.


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