Cakes of the pan

Pancakes. Mmmmm. The word invokes feelings of pure yumminess. I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes? Communists, you might say. But I bet you even Castro has enjoyed many a pancake, doused in imitation maple syrup. Heck, he probably even had the real stuff brought in under the cover of darkness. Pancakes are just that good.

I have made lots and lots and lots of pancakes in my 33+ years on this fine piece of rock we call Earth. My brother and I used to fire up the electric griddle when our parents were still sleeping and make ourselves a batch. I still marvel at the fact that we didn’t burn down the house. Amazing. With all of this practice, though, my pancakes always fell flat. They tasted fine enough, but they were always flat and dense – kind of hockey puck-ish.

I recently hosted a playdate/brunch with my mom-friends, Jen and Jess. I went wild making all sorts of yummy (vegan) things for them. And Jen made mimosas. (I will say up front that the mimosas did not in any way impact my opinion of these pancakes. I swear.) You would not believe how surprised I was when I lifted these delicate, fluffy, delicious, round, golden-brown jewels off of the frying pan. They were perfect. Game over. I win.

I could hog this recipe to myself and make you beg to be invited over for breakfast or brunch, but I’m a nice person and will share it here. (Plus, I really don’t want to clean up after you.) It is on the interweb, after all, so it’s already public; you just haven’t found it yet. I followed this recipe to a T, except I used soy milk rather than almond milk. Jen later made them with almond milk and I think they tasted the same. I must tell you that you need to pay attention to the author’s notes. Don’t go overboard with the oil on the pan, and USE A CAST IRON PAN if you have one. I think that really makes a difference. When Jen tried making these, they tasted right but felt a lot different. We decided that the only difference was the cooking method (cast iron versus electric griddle).



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