So corny, Part I

For the last several weeks we’ve received a dozen ears of corn in our CSA box. That is a lot of corn for this family. It is sweet and delicious on its own, but there are only so many nights you can have it straight from the cob. I found three recipes that I really, really liked. One of them was a humungous hit with Elijah and his cousins.

I’ll lead off with the most recent one I tried. Not only did I have a ton of corn, but I had a lot of heirloom tomatoes. Not wanting to simply make more sauce, I sought a recipe that might use both ingredients. I found it. It was an appealing-looking pizza of sorts. Corn on a pizza? I know . . . weird, right? But doesn’t Heirloom Tomato & Sweet Corn Pizza sound so summery? I had to give it a shot.

I’ll admit up front that the pizza is not vegan. It was my bad meal for the week. I thought it was uber tasty, but Sovanna said the “tomatoes were too fresh”. He is not a tomato fan, and really doesn’t like having fresh ones on stuff. I get that; I used to be that way. I left for Oregon the day after I made this and gave the leftovers to my friend Amy. I don’t know what she and her family thought about it. Hopefully she’ll comment.

I’ll break down the recipe for you into a few bullets.

* I didn’t buy garlic herbed pizza doughs. I really doubt Giant has something like that. I just made a simple pizza dough that I use all the time. It’s literally just flour, yeast and water. It was bland on its own, but with the rest of the ingredients, it worked just fine. I made it in a large cookie sheet, so it made 8 huge pieces.

* The pistou is sort of like pesto. It doesn’t make a lot, so you have to spread it on really thin. I stretched it out with a little extra olive oil and lemon juice rather than lemon zest, since I had a bottle of the juice and no fresh lemons.

* 2.5 ounces of feta really isn’t much at all. I used an entire little tub of it. You could use less and it would still be good. It definitely had some saltiness to it.

* I didn’t have basil or dill, so I added some more fresh oregano.

Watch for another post about the other corn recipes. I need to go shuck the newest dozen now.


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