Divine dessert

I absolutely love dessert. Growing up, we literally had some sort of dessert every night. I don’t mean a cookie, or a bowl of fresh fruit. We had cakes, brownies, pie, etc, every night. I can’t believe I am not obese. It’s been a habit I have never been able to break; I need something sweet at the end of every day even now. Some times I am able to get by with some dried fruit, or something reasonably healthy. Other times, though, I want decadence.

I recently discovered the raw food world. I am learning how to make all sorts of things without using heat, and while using unconventional ingredients. It is interesting, energy-saving, and quite tasty. A few nights ago I discovered a raw vegan blog that featured an amazing dessert recipe. Refer to paragraph #1.

I made a raw vegan version of a chocolate cheesecake from purelytwins.com. It was simply amazing. I swear on Spiro’s tail that you would never, ever, ever guess that it was vegan. It was unreal. I wish I was as creative as these girls. Wow.

I made a couple of changes to the recipe, but they were super minor. I used almonds rather than pecans in the crust because I had them and because they are cheaper. I used maple syrup in the crust rather than the dates because my food processor seems to have issue with dates. Dates are cheaper, though, and I would prefer to use them, but the FP thinks otherwise. Make sure to follow their directions and top this off with the chocolate sauce they reference here. It takes this to an intergalactic level.

Knowing my tendency to overeat, I cut the recipe in half and then poured it into 3 mini cheesecake pans. I froze them in a gallon ziploc bag in the freezer. This was smart. I am not quite as tempted to eat them. I decided this recipe makes 6 servings (each mini cake was cut in half). Those are not servings that will leave you wanting more. No. They are the kind that leave you fighting to get that last bite down because you know it is that good.

Go make this. Now.


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