Bailey’s? Don’t mind if I do . . .

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this recipe. I think it was one of those things that just happens for a reason. What’s that called? Oh yeah – fate.

I think Bailey’s is awesome, but it’s not something I ever buy. It’s very rich, and the idea of just sitting around drinking it seemed weird. I would order it in coffee or hot chocolate once in a blue moon, and of course did some car bombs here and there, but that was about it. Oh! And this one time I was stuck an foreign airport (Guatemala City, I think) and the duty-free shop was giving out free samples (read: shots) of the various Bailey’s drinks. I believe I “sampled” two or three. THAT was a good flight.

So anyway, I thought I’d try this recipe from Oh She Glows, which is one of my new favorite sites. It calls for Jameson whiskey, which is not something we keep on hand. Luckily someone paid Sovanna for an editing job in wine and gift cards to the PALCB (our state-regulated liquor stores). I got a small bottle of Jameson, put it in the wine cabinet and waited for the right time to make this.

Apparently Thursday afternoon, before our son’s speech evaluation was the right time. This recipe is super easy, and pretty quick, though I didn’t allot myself quite enough time to do this. I cooked down the coconut milk almost long enough, but not quite. I would have preferred this to be just a bit thicker.

Since I hadn’t had real Bailey’s in several years, I wanted to see how close it compared. I picked up one of those teeny little bottles last night and poured it for Sovanna and poured a serving of the vegan stuff for me. I took a very small taste of the real stuff and then one of mine. The real stuff was a bit richer and maybe a little less coffee flavored, but it was very, very close. Sovanna said that if I would have served him mine alone, he would have thought it was the real thing.

Damn you, vegan bloggers, for making it easy to indulge in everything!!!!



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