‘Tis the season for little round discs of sugary goodness which cause our waistlines to bulge every December! Hip hip hooray!

Every year I get together with a terrific girlfriend for an afternoon of cookie baking and coffee drinking. This year we included two other girlfriends, our husbands and our sons. The husbands and sons were supposed to stay downstairs in the game room, watching football, while us girls stayed upstairs baking and “catching up” (code for gossip). Oodles and oodles of cookies were to be baked and traded. Of course this didn’t happen.

After a short while, the men migrated upstairs with the wee ones. The kitchen now had 12 humans milling about, and the baking came to a halt. I eeked out only one batch of cookies. I was bummed . . . until I tried them.

Holy. Freaking. Crap. These chai snickerdoodles from The Post Punk Kitchen are amazing! Sovanna and I both really enjoyed them. I discovered – accidentally, of course – that they go fabulously with morning coffee. Seriously, I had one every morning for the past week, and it was awesome.

I didn’t flatten them out like the recipe indicated. Instead I scooped them out by tablespoonful and left them rolled in a ball. This caused them to be fairly thick and wonderful. They had a very buttery, creamy texture that I don’t think I have ever had in a cookie before. They were truly delightful. (I say all of this in the past tense because I just crammed the last two down my pie-hole. RIP, dear snickerdoodles.)


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