Beer + chocolate + waffles = ’nuff said

I usually make brunch for my in-laws on Christmas morning. The last couple of years I have made several vegan dishes to serve to them, and all were well received. I planned out what looked to me like a delicious menu, and was very excited to try everything. The piece de resistance was to be chocolate beer waffles. Mmmmmmmm…

My in-laws recently bought a 6-pack to go place and are now learning more about craft beers, so I felt that this was a great dish to bring to the table. I was sort of sad when we figured out our plans and realized brunch wasn’t going to work. My husband had a great solution to this puzzle: beer waffles for dessert. Genius! Since they all eat dairy, Sovanna suggested getting vanilla ice cream to put on top.

(Allow me to skip to the end of the story. I made the waffles batter and took it and the waffle iron to my in-laws but forgot to make them. Darn. I made them the next day so we had breakfast for the week.)

These waffles are simply amazing. If you like carbs, chocolate and beer, you will love them – vegan or not. I have no modifications for this recipe because it is perfect the way it is. I made it with both Genghis Pecan porter (yum) and Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout (delish!). Please make this before you go on your 2013 diet that is going to last a week. Please.



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