A tasty soup and a way to sneak veggies

I discovered this recipe late in the summer when my CSA box first contained carrots. Sovanna and I are not normally carrot fans, so I have to find creative uses for them. (I say we’re not “normally” fans because I discovered that I love my CSA’s carrots steamed. YUM!)  I found a recipe that sounded a little odd, but easy. Odd and easy? I am totally in.

This recipe for sweet potato, carrots and red lentil stew is one of the easiest ones I’ve ever tried. The hardest part was peeling the veggies! I omitted the butter for two reasons. First, I don’t eat it. Second, who needs 1/4 cup of butter to sautee veggies? That sounds like unnecessary calories and fat in an otherwise healthy soup.  I also didn’t garnish it with yogurt as suggested. Despite omitting the butter, the soup ends up being very rich and creamy and any dairy addition is just superfluous. (+1 for me for using superfluous, yeah!)

If you have an immersion blender, this is definitely an occasion to use it. I do not have the patience to ladle my soup into a regular blender and blend it in batches like they recommend. That is a tedious task, but it also means you gotta wash your blender and I find that to be an annoying task. Plus, the immersion blender is fun. Wooooooheeeeeee! So yeah – use the immersion blender and puree away!

I made one other addition when I made this the other night, and it really didn’t change the flavor. I recently started juicing and love it, but have to find a way to use up all of my juice pulp. I threw the pulp from some kale, carrots and cucumbers into the soup after I pureed it and heated it through. I ran the immersion blender through it once more to puree the pulp slightly. It did change the color of the soup from a beautiful orange to more of a orangy-brown-green color. The color wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as pretty as before. You really couldn’t taste the veggie pulp, but you could feel a bit of the texture. This boosted the fiber content of this soup WAY up. I was pleased, but was awaiting the final verdict. Would Elijah eat it?

He actually wouldn’t eat this soup the last few times I made it, and I couldn’t figure out why. He always loved anything orange. I was frustrated. I was sure he’d pass on this soup, but I was wrong. He wolfed it down the first night and the second night. Success on all fronts. Whoopee!


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