My new favorite breakfast

I’ve been working on eating less salt and sugar lately, and beefing up my veggie intake. (Ya see what I did there? I crack myself up.) I’ve been trying to reform my breakfasts, in particular. I have always, always, always been a carb fan when it comes to breakfast. I love toast (French or otherwise) pancakes, oatmeal and cold cereals. I just feel that those foods compliment coffee so well, and that savory meals don’t. (This criterion is critical for me.)

I’d say I eat oatmeal 75% of the time, even in the summer. I try to jazz it up by using different spices, fruits and nuts, bu when you get right down to it, it’s still oatmeal. Don’t get me wrong; carbs are necessary for someone like me who runs a lot. I just feel like I am way too dependent on them, and that they are wreaking havoc on my body in a way I don’t understand.

I set out to find a good, satisfying breakfast that actually tasted good. I found some smoothies that were very tasty and very nutrient dense, but then left me hungry sooner than desired. Finally I desired to take a spin on something I’d seen the girls on PurelyTwins do in the past. They used eggs and a different combination of spices, but they inspired me.

2013-02-03 07.58.19

This breakfast makes me happy every time I eat it. (It isn’t the best photo, since I have probably the worst phone in history.) I cooked up 3.5 oz extra-firm tofu in a cast iron skillet with just a light coating of non-stick spray. While that was cooking away, I sliced and steamed a peeled sweet potato (about 6 oz). Once the sweet potato was pretty much done, I dumped it into the skillet with the tofu. Then I dropped a couple of big handfuls of torn kale into all of that. I tossed it all together and put a lid on it to steam the kale. I finished it off with about a tablespoon of melted coconut oil, and a sprinkle of both cardamom (YUM) and cinnamon.

This meal still give me some sweetness, which I crave in the morning. It also still gives me some carbs in the form of the sweet potato, and to a lesser extent, the tofu. It leaves me full and satisfied for hours, and I rarely snack mid-morning after eating it. I learned that I just have to wait until after I finish this plate to drink my coffee, because I just can’t do the two together. But that’s okay; it gives my coffee a chance to shine on it’s own.




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