Two new sides

This will be a quick one.

Last night I made to new side dishes, and I thought both were pretty delicious. In addition to being tasty, they were easy to make. Score!

The first dish is Buffalo Cauliflower Bites from, of all sources, PETA. I stuck to the recipe (using oat flour), with the exception of the sauce. I am not a huge buffalo sauce fan, and I was hoping to get my newly picky son to eat it, so I used a more mild barbeque sauce. It worked out well, and my little guy actually ate a few bites. Another score!

The second dish is Cocoa Roasted Sweet Potatoes from HeatherEatsAlmondButter.  This might sound weird, but I really like it when components of my dinner are sweet; it makes me a little less likely to want to indulge in dessert afterwards. Now, I was up against the clock and a child with waning attention, so I looked at this recipe quick on my ipad and then handed it over to my son so he could watch a few minutes of Sesame Street. I had to go by memory, and forgot the cinnamon and cayenne. With that said, I still thought these were quite yummy. Also, I didn’t have 40-50 minutes to wait for these to roast. Since my oven was at 450 for the cauliflower, I threw these in first. When the cauliflower was done about 20 minutes later, we were good to go.

So there you have it. These are two quick and easy side dishes that you can make whilst your 2 year old son watches a 20 minute excerpt of Sesame Street. Mama for the win!


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