A spring time breakfast

I’ve been longing for spring for what seems like years. The past winter just hung around too long. It was like that guy you broke up with who wouldn’t leave you alone. Those lingering cold temperatures were like his constant bugging you about getting back together. Those incessant winds were like his texts and phone calls. The weird, late snows were like the flowers he sent you, trying to win you back – except he doesn’t know your favorite flowers, and they were ugly and you hated them. And you had to shovel them.

Enough with all of that. Let’s talk food.

I had been craving something sweet and filling, yet wanted something a bit lighter than my normal fare. My recent favorite breakfast was sauteed tofu with steamed sweet potatoes over kale (or spring mix). I totally love that dish, but needed something else. I decided to make a fruit salad.

“Fruit salad?” you say. “I clicked on this blog and you are going to talk about a fruit salad? I know how to make fruit salad!”

Relax. It’s okay. It’s not just a bowl of fruit. Look:

Fruit salad

It is so easy and you can make it with any fruits you have on hand. I started with a huge amount of fresh baby spinach, courtesy of my amazing CSA. (It is quite literally the best, most tender baby spinach I have ever had.) I then added a chopped organic Gala apple (they taste better than their non-organic counterparts), a banana, some red grapes and a few strawberries. I added a handful of Nature’s Path Hemp Plus Granola, which is my absolute favorite granola. (A quick note: Little Dude LOVES this granola. Try it with your kiddo.) I topped that with a few flakes of coconut for some added flavor and texture. My dressing is simple: juice of half an orange, 1/2 – 3/4 T melted coconut oil and 1 t. maple syrup (or agave nectar or honey). Mix those ingredients really quickly to prevent the coconut oil from starting to harden again, and drizzle over the top of the salad.

I made this again today, but with just kiwi and banana. All I can say is this: YUM!


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